Join the PCC today

What happens when the PCC is not having a tent meeting? What do other members do? What can I do? Plenty. There are many different ways you can help yourself and your neighbors as a PCC member:

1. Keep informed on local issues that will impact our taxes and the well-being of the town.

2. Write letters to the editor of the newspaper. Submit the same letter to all three papers. Never written a letter to the editor before, or don’t feel confident in your writing ability?
We have a number of people who can assist you in writing a letter, but we need as many different people writing letters as possible.

3. Attend meetings of the School Committee and Town Council, and ASK QUESTIONS. Those questions keep the politicians on their toes because they know people are paying attention to what they do. No one can attend all of the meetings, but try to attend the bigger ones.

4. Pick a topic and learn everything you can about it through research, and follow it through the town politics. Keep the rest of the PCC membership informed. Any topic that interests you and will cost taxpayers money, is good. Some topic choices would include sewer systems, O’Neill property development, and special education.

5. Assist with videotaping Town Council and School Committee meetings, and with producing “Inside Portsmouth”, the PCC’s cable TV program. No experience is required, and it is quite fun. Training is provided by Cox Communications prior to taping.

6. Talk with your friends and neighbors about the issues facing the taxpayers of Portsmouth. If they sound interested, invite them to join the PCC.

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